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On this private tour, get ready to discover the best highlights the city has to offer, as well as its unique hidden gems with your favorite local.Enjoy the city to the max and hear more about the origin, its symbols, and the culture of Palma de Mallorca. Explore the city's Old Town with its narrow streets and hidden patios. Take a peek and admire the natural beauty hidden inside. See and touch Palma de Mallorca's history at Plaça Cort where you can find Olivera de Cort, the ancient olive tree that symbolises peace.From the beautiful Church of Santa Eulalia to Santa Clara Monastery where you can hear the story about their famous products and the Church of Sant Francesc where you can find a statue of a beloved Mallorquin missionary.Retrace Palma de Mallorca's history along the way. Go inside the Arab Baths to admire ruins with Moorish history. Discover an old fisherman's hangout spot close to the harbor and relax by Parc de Mar with a magical view over the Cathedral and some other.

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