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The Charms of Palma de Mallorca Private Day Trip
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There’s more to discover outside of Palma de Mallorca! Go on a scenic private day trip and explore more of Mallorca. From picturesque local villages, rural life, and vineyards with a touch of olive oil; there’s more than meets the eye around the island! With a convenient pickup, you are all set to hit the road with your favorite local!Experience the authentic side of Mallorca at a wine cellar or as the locals call it ‘bodega.’ Visit a cozy family bodega inside a small village. Enjoy a small wine tasting paired with a Mallorquin specialty, sobrasada, and cheese. The love for olive oil runs through the Spanish culture, and you’ll get to discover why at an ancient olive oil factory. Wander through an old house where you can find the olive oil press and try the result, Pa amb oli.On your way to Valdemossa, you’ll encounter other charming villages. Enjoy incredible viewpoints, cozy cafes and cultural gems. Remember, anything is possible on a personalized private day trip.

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